The Power of Entrepreneurial Thinking

Changemakers are innovators by default. You have chosen a different path than most people, usually swimming against the current of convention. For you, it is essential to not only have authorship of your life’s trajectory but be properly equipped to do so. Nothing prepares you better for this than an entrepreneurial mindset (EM).

An EM is a way of thinking, feeling and being. It is about having an optimistic yet realistic approach to life, about being creative and adaptive in the face of the inevitable triumphs and setbacks. It aids in navigating and creating change. It teaches you to not dread but embrace your big ideas and ambitions. It leads to positivity, a can-do attitude, self-confidence, resilience, calculated risk-taking, and enhanced problem-solving skills.

A common misconception is that an entrepreneurial mindset is only important for entrepreneurs. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are all entrepreneurs in a sense. We are responsible for authoring our life’s story, by marshalling the resources we have and need, of executing our lifeplan with those resources, and adjusting our goals based on changing circumstances and situations. In short, your life is an entrepreneurial endeavor, whether you realize it or not.

An EM is more relevant today than at any time in the past. The recent pandemic saw a resurgence of people taking back authorship of their lives. It exposed the drudgery of the rat race for most people. Rapid adoption of new technologies gave millions hope of living life on their own terms. Their creativity was awakened, and their entrepreneurial juices began flowing.

Many found the courage to take their professional life into their own hands and embarked on an astonishing range of new ventures. The myth of the “stable paycheck” was finally laid bare – a narrative that started unraveling a long time ago – and people began leveraging the power of technology and their own creativity to approach life with renewed purpose and vigor.

Taking a passive approach to life is no longer a viable option. You need to assume agency over your life, charting a course and making decisions along the way, benefitting yourself, your family and your community. And there is no better tool than an entrepreneurial mindset to help you on this journey.