An Introduction for Social Entrepreneurs & Changemakers

What You’ll Learn

  • Building a lifeplan for achieving your personal and professional goals
  • Entrepreneurial thinking, to make you a more confident, creative and effective changemaker
  • Establishing personal practices for peak performance
  • How to monetize your skills and interests
  • Making yourself a high-value member in any professional setting


    As an aspiring social entrepreneur, you have a different calling than most people. Your llifepath is similarly unique. Unfortunately, almost no one caters to your specific needs. Educational programs in social entrepreneurship focus on the project and pay almost no attention to the innovator. This is a huge disservice to the aspiring changemaker.

    At Novamaya, we know that success of any social venture begins with you, the innovator. Social entrepreneurs need a logical way to approach their entrepreneurial journey, growing both personally and professionally in the process.

    NovaMapping is a powerful technique that educates, enriches and empowers you, on your entrepreneurial journey and beyond. It provides a coherent and consistent framework that enables you to build six different types of capital to grow personally and professionally. It teaches you how to acquire and use relevant skills, tools, knowledge and other resources that will serve you the rest of your life.

Type:           Residential
Location:   Bay Area, CA
Dates:         Jul 2023 (1 week)
Cost:            $990

Material covered in this program includes:

  • Creating a lifemap to progressively build the six forms of capital
  • Clarifying your goals and purpose
  • Developing an entrepreneurial mindset 
  • Building economic capital for you and/or your venture
  • Networking and community building
  • Establishing personal practices to enable you to perform at your highest level
  • Finding your tribe – people who share the same values and interests as you