Educating & Empowering Social Entrepreneurs for Success

Inspired individuals, driven by passion and purpose, can and do change the world for the better. Yet too many aspiring young social entrepreneurs and innovators lack the skills, tools, information, guidance, and capital to become effective changemakers.

This is why Novamaya was born…​


Build high-value, real-world tools and skills for professional and personal development that you can put to immediate use.

Encounter cutting-edge ideas that will stimulate your interest, shift your perspective, and expand your possibilities.

Develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and emerge a more confident, capable, and knowledgeable changemaker.

Find your tribe! Meet others who are equally passionate about making a positive impact.

Discover (or create) opportunities for you to make a real difference in the world.

Learn directly from practitioners who deeply believe in the tenets and goals of Novamaya.



Our programs build on two powerful tools specially developed for your success. The Novamaya Social Innovation Model is a comprehensive approach to ideating, designing and implementing social ventures or projects. NovaMapping offers an easy-to-use yet potent conceptual framework for the personal and professional development of young social entrepreneurs.


Novamaya is, above all else, a community of individuals driven to solve the social challenges of today and tomorrow. This is reflected in the core beliefs that inform our mission and purpose. Our programs continue to be held in person, where collaboration and the sharing of ideas, talents and interests leads to a deeply engaging experience for all.


The Novamaya Social Innovation Fund provides financial and mentorship support to Novamaya alum who are working to effect positive social change through an entrepreneurial project or venture. Applications are accepted and awards are made on a rolling basis.


Post-program engagement. Alum-only access to the Novamaya Social Innovation Fund. Partnerships with groundbreaking changemakers such as Uncommon, an organization providing tech skills to underprivileged youth in Zimbabwe and Lithuania. These are just some of the ways in which we remain deeply committed to the success of our participants and their projects.


Tammy Liang

Tammy Liang
Data analysis specialist
Barcelona, Spain

I enjoyed the opportunity to learn in unconventional ways about the world and myself. We were encouraged to test our ideas and hypotheses, to get comfortable being uncomfortable. It was an eye-opening experience, and I was blessed with curious and driven classmates.

Sebastian Lissarrague

Sebastian Lissarrague
Healthcare consultant
New York, NY

Novamaya is uniquely agnostic to many of the common career paths, values, and assumptions baked into any of the other programs or experiences that have developed my vision, entrepreneurialism, and leadership.

Nicolas Yardas

Nicolas Yardas
Non-profit operations specialist
Washington, DC

When I graduated from college, I felt the desire to make a difference in the world, but I did not know how or where to start. Novamaya served as the keystone to my education where I learned not only how to start a venture, but how to achieve my personal goals while doing so.

Andy Chen

Andy Chen
Biotech entrepreneur
New York, NY

Novamaya’s intense relationships, frame-shifting perspectives, and personal leadership skills have, provided me the confidence to complete graduate school at Harvard, start and run a healthcare NGO in Kenya, and found or lead two venture capital-backed biotechnology companies.

Flo Turiaf

Flo Turiaf
Social entrepreneur Martinique

My time at Novamaya was a catalyst for what has now become my full-time passion for creating solutions through entrepreneurship. Anyone who gets the privilege to participate in this program will find themselves transformed for the better!

Dan Trunfio

Dan Trunfio
C-level business executive
Naples, FL

Novamaya participants have intellectual curiosity. They ask the right questions, and are passionate and proactive with their career. They add value from Day One to whatever organization they are a part of. More institutions should follow their lead.


Some of the institutions attended by our students

Novamayans are passionate and committed changemakers, with invaluable skills and smarts that are very much in demand in today’s world. We are proud of the way they are breaking new ground at startups, social ventures, and at some of the largest organizations on the planet.


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